What makes Neo Tech Admin Unique?

Neo Tech Admin provides high end professional fully managed enterprise services. This allows your teams to focus on software, research, and project development while our DevOps and Infrastructure Admins fully manage your web servers and infrastructure.

Application and Code Continuous Integration

Configuration Management and automation employing source revisioning, continuous integration and deployment.

Cloud and Hybrid Solutions

Highly available and scalable infrastructure solutions for top level enterprise web, data mining, and data processing applications.

Neo Tech Admin is proud to offer the best top level web server and infrastructure solutions for your enterprise needs.

We offer the best technology setups and can customize the hardware and software to meet your needs. Our fully managed hosting will keep your web apps running at high performance levels. We handle everything from initial setup and configuration of the the servers to maintenance, upgrade deployments, backups and monitoring. If your company is seeking fully managed server infrastructure, then you need to contact us.

High Band Secure Network Data Transmission

100 Mbps to 10 Gbps plus networking on 160 Gbps plus backbones. Ingress and egress is controlled and secured.

Secured Infrastructure and Data

Applications and data are secured behind firewalls. VPN solutions provide security and privacy.

Neo Tech Admin builds redundant high-availability infrastructure for enterprises spending $5k+ per month on tech infrastrusture and fully managed systems engineering.

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