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September 5, 2017



When looking for an app developer, some people don’t factor periodical updates and maintenance. With us, we want to ensure that you not only have a working app following best practices but that you can rely on us to provide regular updates and maintenances that will help your app stay updated and performing as expected.  It is imperative for your users to trust your business and applications.

Our goal is to create an impeccable app engineered to improve your business and customer experience while leveraging the latest technologies and aligning them with the best design strategies that suit your needs.

Cloud Apps

If you want the mobility that technology presents and ensure that your business has less down time, then you should consider running your business app on the cloud. Cloud servers can be built to be very secure and fast, this will in turn improve the productivity of your team thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Cloud apps also help your business to be just a click away from your client from any internet accessible location. The best part is that data loss is greatly reduced by hosting in the cloud. We can integrate your cloud app with mobile device apps so your company and clients can work anywhere on the go.

Android Apps

Android OS owns roughly over 64% of all active mobile devices, and that is over 2 billion devices worldwide! With this number, you can safely assume that over half of your client-base own an Android phone.

While, not every businesses out there needs an app, an Android based app should be the first mobile app to consider developing because you're more likely to cover a wider spectrum of your client base. We can help you craft an app that will serve your business to spec and appeal to satisfy the demands of your clientele.


iOS Apps

With iOS devices reported to be running on about a third of active devices globally, you definitely want to develop an iOS app along with your Android app to ensure that ~99% of your client base is served! With our dedicated project management and high-end support, we will help you develop an iOS app that will deliver a great customer experience right from the functionalities to the user experience. It is a fact that iOS users have a higher purchasing power and along with that higher demand on quality. NeoTechAdmin understands the iOS market and has the engineers to make your iOS app a huge success.


Frontend Website

A website is not just a notice board for people to know that your business exists. While it can serve that purpose for a small business, this isn't enough for a business that wants to scale. We can help your business scale up by helping you create a great impression with your website and make it easy to understand and navigate for your target audience.

We fine tune and optimize your site for Search Engines and performance as we understand the importance of getting found online.

Once you have us manage your cloud application development project, you can be rest assured that we will give you a  dedicated service, we will present to you top value that will give you peace of mind and functional results that will be in sync with your objectives.

Full Stack Migration Included.


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